The Volvo S60 Smart Camera System

Getting out of tight parking spots has never been easy thanks to the technology in the Volvo S60. This highly admired luxury compact sedan is available at Montrose Volvo of Cleveland with the 360-degree Surround View Camera system.

This system can help you navigate cramped parking areas in Cleveland with confidence. It features a series of cameras that are discreetly installed on the body of the car. When the Surround View feature is activated, the live feed from each camera is spliced together to create a single image on your infotainment screen. A small graphic of the S60 is placed in the middle to represent your location.

The final image you'll see looks as if you're viewing your vehicle from above. It shows your surroundings in great detail so that you can spot obstacles before you hit them. The system also lets you use the front cameras independently so that you can take a look around corners.



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