The Volvo S60 Looks Elegant

At Montrose Volvo of Cleveland, we're proud of our line-up of sedans. There are a few options, with the S60 being an ideal choice for those who prefer to go with a more compact model. The new Volvo S60 exhibits luxury inside and out.

It looks fast, even while stationary. This is because it's been designed with agility in mind. The front wheels have been pushed forward to give it a more athletic stance; it looks like it's sitting on its heels and is ready to speed off at any minute. The curved hips around the rear wheels help with this effect.

The full-LED headlights are sleek and narrow, pointing ever so slightly towards the center of the vehicle. The front grille has the iconic Volvo design on it, and the lines and angles all work to seemingly narrow the front end, giving it a more streamlined appearance.



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