See What the Volvo XC90 Can Do at Montrose Volvo of Cleveland

If you want an SUV but are worried about how the vehicle's size can affect your driving, you're in luck. The new Volvo XC90 has impressive performance features that are specifically designed to tackle difficult driving situations. Some of the most notable are Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control.

As the names imply, both of these features provide you with assistance whenever you're going up or down inclines. The Hill Start Assist system keeps the SUV from rolling backward. It's a common occurrence that happens whenever larger vehicles are stopped. Usually, SUVs will roll back a bit whenever the driver moves their foot from the brake pedal to the acceleration. With Hill Start Assist, the brakes hold for a few seconds as you make the transition.

Drivers in Cleveland, OH can use Hill Descent Control to maintain a safe speed. Instead of having to ride the brakes, the system will control each wheels' rotating speed automatically to prevent the Volvo XC90 from flying down the hill.

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