Sometimes tackling life on the road seems like a chore best saved for someone else. If you are a Cleveland, OH commuter who enjoys a smooth and comfortable ride on the roadways across America and beyond, a Volvo V90 could be calling your name. Do you hear it?

We at Montrose Volvo of Cleveland love the V90 because it gives the driver everything you would expect from a luxury wagon. You are greeted with smooth handling throughout the roads, excellent traction, and comfort for the longest or shortest of commutes. The base trim comes installed with a capable turbocharged four-cylinder engine. An engine like this gets an excellent highway fuel rating, ensuring long stretches on the roadways without having to stop to fuel up.

The steering and braking systems on the Volvo V90 responds well to the driver's commands. The V90 comes standard with front-wheel drive, but there are options for all-wheel-drive capability. You'll never lose grip or feel like you are losing control while behind the wheel of the V90. Come take a test drive through Cleveland to see how roomy and wonderful this wagon truly is.


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