The Volvo XC60 is a popular luxury compact SUV that offers three different engines to fit your needs. No matter which engine you choose, the XC60 will deliver power that you can feel. All powertrains will also save you money at the pump. For improved efficiency, the T8 engine includes a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Find the XC60 that you desire at Montrose Volvo of Cleveland.

The XC60 comes with a variety of selectable driving modes that allow the T8 engine to adapt to your driving conditions. Pure mode is designed to give you enough power for daily driving. It produces basically zero emissions and is so quiet that it will make you wonder if the engine is even running. Power mode gives you more power for faster acceleration and improved responsiveness. Hybrid mode automatically chooses between the electric motor and gasoline engine for maximum efficiency and the smoothest ride possible.



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