There are a few features that are only included with the Volvo V60 Inscription model. While the V60 is an exceptional even at the base trim, you’ll get so many luxury class options with the T6 Inscription. This includes a turbocharged four-cylinder that gets 316 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. In addition, the interior in the Inscription is incredibly upscale with leather upholstery and a large LCD display in the center console.

You can connect to your car through your smartphone using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, as well as Bluetooth and USB ports. There’s also a WiFi hotspot included with the Inscription. It’s also an extremely safe car thanks to the Volvo Pilot Assist, which includes blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, and automatic emergency braking.

For a wagon, the Inscription looks more like a sports car than a traditional boat from previous years. Sleek and athletic, the T6 Inscription was designed to be comfortable and stylish. You can see the latest Inscription at Montrose Volvo of Cleveland.



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