Has it been 5,000 miles since your last tire rotation? If so, then maybe getting the service done would be a good idea. You want the wear on your tires to remain even. Tire rotations help this cause, but you do need to get the work performed timely.

Uneven wear causes problems with the treads. Issues with tread wear cause issues with traction and handling. You want the tread depth to remain uniform, and not force one tires treads to wear down excessively.

Removing the tires for the rotation provides a chance to check the brakes, and brakes shouldn't be neglected. Also, during the service, technicians in Cleveland, OH can gauge the tire pressure and look for any wear or damage. If something's wrong, they can tell you.

When your car needs a tire rotation, our service department is available to help. Contact the team at Montrose Volvo of Cleveland to set up a time to come over.

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