Struggling with Your Exhaust

If you're driving your car and hear a loud noise from underneath or from the rear of your vehicle, then it could be a sign that your exhaust is leaking. This usually doesn't mean that there's fluid leaking from this system of your car. It usually means that there is a hole somewhere in the system that is changing the overall dynamics.

Another sign that you could have exhaust issues is if your vehicle vibrates when you depress the gas pedal while on the road in Cleveland, OH. As the leak grows, the vibration can sometimes be felt throughout the car until it's fixed by Montrose Volvo of Cleveland.

Pay attention to your fuel mileage. An exhaust leak will likely start to decrease how far you can travel on a tank of gas. This is due to the engine struggling to keep up with the added airflow in the system, which means that you're going to need to use more gas when traveling.

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